I met Carol in Feb. thru my dear friend Dana who winters in Florida. Dana had mentioned her and her fight with horrible psoriasis that covers her body from below her head to her toes. A beautiful and vivacious woman about my age, Carol showed me her scabs and my heart sunk.

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder that results in the development of red, scaly patches on the skin.

I asked her how long and in what level have she had psoriasis? Carol stated, “35 years. It started out on my head and basically, I’ve had it at one time or another over my entire body. My highest concentration now is from the thighs down, most prevalent on the tops of my feet.”

She went on the describe what she has tried in the past. “In the beginning steroidal creams worked but in time this “FIX” stopped working. Since then, I’ve had non-responsive psoriasis for about 23 years now, nothing gets rid of it. I basically have been just treating the symptoms until recently. “

We started by applying our line of topicals, both the Empower oil and lotion on the scabby patches on her arms and immediately she felt a decrease in the horrible itching that is constant with this condition. She has been using the topicals ever since and this is what she has experienced with them.

“I love the topicals. I used to have to wrap my feet in ice to get to sleep. The itching was so intense like a thousand ants crawling under my skin. Psoriasis is aggravated by stress, I have a very stressful job and quitting is not an option. The CBD products are probably what is keeping me out of the “rubber room” or worse. It’s very manageable now and the itching at night, which was my biggest cross to bear is minimal. I still have the redness, but it is almost smooth with little to no scaling. “

A study published in the Journal of Dermatological Science in February 2007 found that CBD may offer therapeutic value for psoriasis by slowing the overgrowth of certain skin cells. Earlier in 2018, the American Academy of Dermatology expressed their interest in further research on using CBD as a treatment method for chronic skin conditions like psoriasis. Specifically, the belief is that CBD has promise because it has anti-inflammation properties.

Carol has also tried other CBD applications, she reports on how these worked for her. “I didn’t do well at first with the oil, because of stomach issues but LOVED the gummies. My job is very stressful, and I have problems shutting my mind.  When I started taking one gummy a night (10 mg), my mind just slowly starts shutting down.”

With our face crème, this was her reaction. “I also highly recommend the topical face moisturizer, it really seems to be the face lift in a bottle.”

Going forward, Carol is excited since she has now been able to start treating the root of her condition not just the ‘FIX.’ I’ve been trying hard to be conscious of my diet, be diligent with the CBD and I feel certain I will eventually be able to wear dresses. “

Both Comfortably Numb and Empower are so pleased and grateful to be playing such an important part in her recovery. We wish her the best and congratulate her on being vigilant in her recovery process and open enough to trying CBD.

By Karen Watts Nauman