“I was talking casually to my cousin, Karen, when I mentioned I had fibromyalgia. As it turned out, she was starting a CBD business and I was looking into CBD, had even gone to seminars trying to learn about it’s benefits for me.  Karen was so informed and had done a tremendous amount of research to find the best quality of CBD possible for her family and friends. She did her homework and more, hoping for better health for all that uses her product.
I started with tinctures and a few other things Karen wanted me to try. I have had stomach problems for years, afraid to go out early for fear of an accident. I also have a muscle problem, rods and screws in my back, arthritis and again chronic pain diagnosed as fibromyalgia. I felt a sense of calm at first but didn’t really see immediate results and was disappointed.  Talking to Karen, she knew right away I needed a higher dose of CBD.
Now with this new dosage, my nervous system is in a different attitude change, can’t explain it, just feel it. My pain is there at times, but not as constant as it was and I have been sleeping so much better. My stomach is 80% better. Overall, I am enjoying life more and very thankful for Karen and her CBD.
The best part of working with Karen is her knowledge, constantly working to learn about how CBD can help people. I trust her, plus, she is family. Karen is so informative and easy to understand the pros of CBD and benefits.  I am really happy with the results I have using CBD ,  Hugs, Jean”